Students' work


Infinite Series by Ben Rickard

Ben's thorough presentation clearly shows how strange the concept of infinity is. For example, did you know
that series have different sums depending on the order of the terms?
Click here for a history of this fascinating topic.


The Enigma Machine by Amy Raymond

Amy's well-researched presentation gives us a glimpse of the brilliance of the mathematicians who cracked the enigma code. The number of the machines's permutations is simply mind-blowing.
If this has whet your appetite to learn more about crypotography, or code-breaking, click here.


The Fourier Transform by Matthew Morrice

Matthew brilliantly introduces us to one of the most important ideas in mathematics, the Fourier Transform, developed by Joseph Fourier about 200 years ago. Learn what it is and about its amazing applications in the field of waves.
Click here for insights into Fourier's life and his link with Napoleon.


Archimedes' Revenge by Matthew McMurray

At the end of Matthew's presentation he asks whther you could pose a question that would last over 2000 years? That's exactly what Archimedes did - find out more about this fascinating character.
Click here for more details of Archimedes' remarkable life and work.


Problem solving by Abigail Hooks

Having a trouble trying to crack a difficult problem? Follow Abigail's instructive presentation on the possible ways you could break the problem down into manageable steps.


Imaginary numbers in the real world by Alfie Wills

Who would have thought that imaginary numbers would have so many applications? Alfie guides us through some of their amazing uses and showcases Euler's famous formula.
Click here to learn more about the background and applications of imaginary numbers.


Infinity by Amy Dunn

Amy provides an insightful introduction to infinity, including fractals and an easy to understand proof from Cantor about different sized infinities.
Click here to find out about the remarkable Georg Cantor who did so much to help our understanding of infinity and here for a history of this fascinating topic.


Cost of completing a football sticker album by Euan Deighton

Euan teaches us how much it will cost to fill a football sticker album and why it it is so important to have friends.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic and projectiles by James Simmerson

James intriguingly explains how Zlatan got his calculator out to score the overhead goal against England.


Hyper-sphere packing by Jake Hewison

Jake amazingly links stacking oranges to reducing errors in data transmission.


Modelling the coronavirus spread by James Arcidiacono

James models the spread of coronavirus in this enlightening presentation.

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