Year 10

Past examination material


MS means the mark scheme (i.e. the answers).




Topic 11: Probability

Probability of One Event
Relative Frequency
Listing Possible Outcomes
Product Rule for Counting
Set Notation and Venn Diagrams
Solving Problems using Venn Diagrams
    Worksheet Worksheet SOLUTIONS
Venn Diagrams and Conditional Probability
Mutually exclusive (the OR rule)
Independent events (the AND rule)
Tree diagrams
Dependent Probability
Conditional Probability
Mixed Probability Questions

Topic 12: Simultaneous equations

Solving Simultaneous Equations Graphically
Solving Simultaneous Equations Algebraically
SE - Manipulation of One Equation
SE - Manipulation of Both Equations
Practical Simultaneous Equation Problems

Topic 13: Similar Shapes

Congruent Triangles
Similar Shapes
Similar Shapes with Algebra
Area and Volume Factors of Similar Shapes
Connecting Area and Volume Factors

Topic 14: Statistics 2

Interquartile Range
Cumulative Frequency
Median & Quartiles from Cumulative Frequency
Box Plots
Drawing Histograms
Calculating Frequency from a Histogram
Calculating Frequency Density from a Histogram
Comparing Data

Topic 15: Quadratics 1

Factorising by Grouping
Factorising Quadratics (a = 1)
Factorising Quadratics (a is not = 1)
Difference of 2 Squares
Solving Quadratics by Factorising
Solving Quadratics Requiring Rearranging
Problems Leading to Quadratics
Trial and Improvement

Topic 16: Sequences and functions

Special Sequences (including Geometric and Fibonacci)
Linear Sequences
Subscript Notation for Sequences
Quadratic Sequences
Mixed Sequences
Function Machines
    Worksheet: Language of Functions
Inverse and Composite Functions
    OCR GCSE 9-1 Functions PPQ
    OCR GCSE 9-1 Functions PPQ SOLUTIONS

Topic 17: Area and volume

Area of Triangle involving Sine
Length of Arc
Area of Sector
Area of Segment
Volume and Surface Area of a Cylinder
Volumes of Spheres, Pyramids and Cones
Surface Area of Cylinders, Spheres and Cones

Topic 18: Vectors and transformations

Column Vectors
Vector Arithmetic
Vector Geometry
Symmetry (Lines in 2-D and Planes in 3-D)
Enlargements with Negative Scale Factors
Combining Transformations

Topic 19: Proportion equations

Direct Proportion Equations (Linear)
Direct Proportion Equations (Non-Linear)
Inverse Proportion Equations
Inverse Proportion Equations (Harder)

Topic test preparation


Each topic has specific worksheets to help you prepare for
topic tests.

Skills sheets: these revise the key skills for each topic.
Answers are at the end of each sheet.


Pre-TT: you should all complete this worksheet of past paper
questions that covers all the material in the topic.


Post-TT: if you do not do well in the topic test, you should
complete this worksheet to get more practice.


N.B. There is nothing stopping you completing both
the Pre-TT and Post-TT worksheets before the topic test
in order to give yourself the best chance of doing well.


Individual areas: These links take you to exercises on
Corbett maths and are a good way to practise individual
difficulties. Answers can be found by clicking on the link
at the bottom of each worksheet.

Click on the play button at the top of each worksheet
to find a video of the topic.


Topic 11: Probability

Skills Sheet 11 - Probability
Probability (Pre-TT) Probability (Pre-TT) MS
Probability (Post-TT) Probability (Post-TT) MS
Individual areas
Relative frequency Probability (OR rule) Listing outcomes
Sample space diagrams (probability tables) Independent events (AND rule)
Tree diagrams Dependent and conditional probability
Product rule for counting Set notation (video)
Venn diagrams Venn diagrams ANSWERS

Topic 12: Simultaneous equations

Skills Sheet 12 - Simultaneous equations
Simultaneous equations (Pre-TT) Simultaneous equations (Pre-TT) MS
Simultaneous equations (Post-TT) Simultaneous equations (Post-TT) MS
Individual areas
Simultaneous equations Solving simultaneous equations graphically

Topic 13: Similar shapes

Skills Sheet 13 - Similar shapes
Similar shapes (Pre-TT) Similar shapes (Pre-TT)_MS
Similar shapes (Post-TT) Similar shapes (Post-TT)_MS
Individual areas
Congruent triangles Similar shapes
Area and volume factors Area and volume factors ANSWERS

Topic 14: Statistics 2

Skills Sheet 14 - Statistics 2
Statistics 2 (Pre-TT) Statistics 2 (Pre-TT)_MS
Statistics 2 (Post-TT) Statistics 2 (Post-TT)_MS
Individual areas
Cumulative frequency Box plots
Histograms (drawing) Histograms (interpreting)

Topic 15: Quadratics 1

Skills Sheet 15 - Quadratics 1
Quadratics 1 (Pre-TT) Quadratics 1 (Pre-TT)_MS
Quadratics 1 (Post-TT) Quadratics 1 (Post-TT)_MS
Individual areas
Factorising quadratics (a = 1) Factorising quadratics (a > 1)
Difference between 2 squares Solving quadratics by factorising (a = 1)
Solving quadratics by factorising (a > 1) Trial and improvement

Topic 16: Sequences and functions

Skills Sheet 16 - Sequences and functions
Sequences and functions (Pre-TT) Sequences and functions (Pre-TT)_MS
Sequences and functions (Post-TT) Sequences and functions (Post-TT)_MS
Individual areas
Linear sequences Fibonacci sequences Geometric sequences (video)
Practical sequences Quadratics sequences Function machines

Topic 17: Area and volume

Skills Sheet 17 - Area and volume
Area and volume (Pre-TT) Area and volume (Pre-TT)_MS
Area and volume (Post-TT) Area and volume (Post-TT)_MS
Individual areas
Area of a triangle (sine) Length of arc Area of a sector
Area of a segment Surface area of a cylinder
Surface area of a sphere Surface area of a cone
Volume of a cylinder Volume of a sphere
Volume of a cone Volume of a frustum (video)

Topic 18: Vectors/transformations

Skills Sheet 18A - Vectors
Skills Sheet 18B - Transformations
Vectors/transformations (Pre-TT) Vectors/transformations (Pre-TT)_MS
Vectors/transformations (Post-TT) Vectors/transformations (Post-TT)_MS
Individual areas
Column vectors Vector geometry Vector geometry ANSWERS
Line of symmetry Rotational symmetry Translations
Reflections Enlargements (positive s.f.)
Enlargements (fractional s.f.) Enlargements (negative s.f.)

Topic 19: Proportion equations

Skills Sheet 19 - Proportion equations
Proportion equations (Pre-TT) Proportion equations (Pre-TT)_MS
Proportion equations (Post-TT) Proportion equations (Post-TT)_MS
Individual areas
Proportion (direct and inverse)



These interleaved practice worksheets will help you
revise throughout the year. Regular revision during
the academic year makes the End of Year Exam easier.

Revision F4 (Topics 11-12) Revision F4 (Topics 11-12)_MS
Revision F4 (Nov Exam) Revision F4 (Nov Exam)_MS
Revision F4 (Topics 11-13) Revision F4 (Topics 11-13)_MS
Revision F4 (Topics 11-14) Revision F4 (Topics 11-14)_MS
Revision F4 (Topics 11-15) Revision F4 (Topics 11-15)_MS
Revision F4 (Topics 11-16) Revision F4 (Topics 11-16)_MS
Revision F4 (EoY Exam) A Revision F4 (EoY Exam) A MS
Revision F4 (EoY Exam) B Revision F4 (EoY Exam) B MS
Revision F4 (EoY Exam) C Revision F4 (EoY Exam) C MS
Revision F4 (Topics 11-17) Revision F4 (Topics 11-17) MS
Revision F4 (Topics 11-18) Revision F4 (Topics 11-18) MS
Revision F4 (All topics) A Revision F4 (All topics) A MS
Revision F4 (All topics) B Revision F4 (All topics) B MS
Revision F4 (All topics) C Revision F4 (All topics) C MS
Revision F4 (All topics) D Revision F4 (All topics) D MS

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