Year 7 (23-24)

Past examination material


Since the Year 7 programme for 23-24 is new, there are no past papers.


However, there are revision worksheets to help you prepare.


November examination

Theme 1 Midway Assessment
Theme 1 Midway Assessment MS

Revision sheets

These sheets are useful for Theme examination preparation.
Answers are at the end of each sheet.

Theme 1 midway revision
Theme 1 revision Theme 2 revision
Theme 3 revision - algebra
Theme 3 revision - algebra ANSWERS
Theme 1 to 3 revision

March examination

Interleaf sheets

These sheets revise several areas at once. (Theme number in brackets).

Interleaf 1 (1) Interleaf 2 (1)
Interleaf 3 (1) Interleaf 4 (1)
Interleaf 5 (2) Interleaf 6 (2)
Interleaf 7 (3) Interleaf 8 (3)

End of Year examination


Many of the PowerPoints and all the booklets below come from the OAT academy website.

We would like to thank them for allowing us to host them on our website.


Autumn term (Sep-Dec)


Theme 1: Representing Number

L1 Place Value: Integers (slides 17-20)
    Booklet p4 Place value riddles 5a Place value riddles 5b
    Comparing 7 digit numbers 7-digit challenges
    8-digit challenges
L2 Place Value: Decimals (slides 39-51)
    Booklet p6 Expanded form to 10 million
L3 Place Value: Numbers in words (slide 23)
    Booklet p3 (1) & (2) Cross number
L4 Integers/Decimals: Position on number line (slide 28-34)
    Booklet p4 (4), p5
L5 Integers/Decimals: Comparing decimals (slides 58-67)
    Booklet p8-11 CB: Ordering decimals
    Manifest game (slide 35) Millions, billons or trillions
L6 Int./Dec.: Multiply/divide by powers of 10 (slides 78-96)
    Booklet p13-16 CB: Multiply by 10, 100,...
    CB: Multiplying by powers of 10
    CB: Dividing by powers of 10
L7 Fractions: Representations & bar models (slide 8-27)
    Booklet p3-7 Fractions on number lines 1
    Fractions on numberlines 2
    CB: Shading fractions of shapes
    Labelling fractions on number lines
L8 Fractions: Improper & mixed fractions (slides 36-50)
    Booklet p9-11
    CB: Converting between improper fractions and mixed numbers
L9 Fractions: Equivalent fractions (slides 55-79)
    Booklet p12-14 Comparing fractions (bar model)
    Shading equivalent fractions CB: Equivalent fractions
    Equivalent fractions on a number line CB: Ordering fractions
    CB: Simplifying fractions
L10 Fractions: Converting fractions & decimals (slides 7-25)
    Booklet p3-5 Related fractions and decimals
    CB: Converting decimals to fractions
    CB: Converting fractions to decimals
L11 Fractions: Converting fractions, decimals & %ages (slides 39-58)
    Booklet p6-9 Equivalent FDP
    Whole one search CB: Decimals to percentages
    CB: FDP Key Equivalents CB: FDP Mixture
    CB: Fractions to percentages CB: Percentages to decimals
    CB: Percentages to fractions
L12 Fractions: One number as fraction of another (slides 108-128)
    Booklet p18-20
    CB: Expressing one number as a fraction of another
L13 Fractions: One number as %age of another (slides 61-64)
    Booklet p10-11
    CB: Expressing one number as a percentage of another
L14 Fractions: Fraction of amount (slides 102-107)
    Booklet p17-18 Fraction of amount (bar model)
    Fraction of amount (number lines & bar models)
    Fraction of amount (number line & bar model template)
    CB: Fraction of amount
L15 FDP: Percentage of amount (slides 66-75)
    Booklet p11-13 Percentage of amount using bar models
    Shading percentage of amount CB: Percentage of amount
L16 Negatives: Position on number line (slides 71-77)
    Booklet p11-12
L17 Negatives: Ordering (slides 14-22)
    Booklet p3-5 Ordering negative numbers
    CB: Ordering numbers, including negatives
L18 Inequalities: Inequalities on a number line (no lesson)
    CB: Inequalities on a number line
L19 Graphs: Plotting co-ordinates in all 4 quadrants (slides 2-7)
    Co-ordinates in four quadrants
    Co-ordinates extension (slides 7, 9 etc.)
    Coordinate - vertices of shapes CB: Coordinates
L20 Graphs: Lines of the form x = a, y = b & y = x (slides 8-21)
    Graphs of x = a and y = a
L21 Graphs: Inequalities with x = a, y = b & y = x (no lesson)
    CB: Graphical inequalities
L22 Transformations: Reflection in a line (no lesson)
Place value Ordering decimals Powers of 10
Representing fractions Mixed and improper fractions
Converting between fractions and decimals
Converting between fractions and percentages
Fraction of amount Percentage of amount
Ordering negative numbers Inequalities on a number line
Coordinates Drawing linear graphs
Graphical inequalities (x = and y = only)

Theme 2: Addition and Subtraction

L1 Decimals: Column methods (slides 10-12, 18-20)
    Booklet p3 NCETM Checkpoints Activity C (slide 100)
    CB: Adding decimals CB: Subtracting decimals
L2 Integers/decimals: Addition/subtraction strategies (slides 24-30)
    Booklet p4-5 WRM Addition/subtraction strategies (slide 14)
    NCETM Checkpoints 6-10 Subtractions and number lines
L3 Int./dec.: Fact families & inverse operations (slide 71-82)
    Booklet p10-13 Addition and subtraction fact families
L4 Fractions: Addition/subtraction (slide 82-94)
    Booklet p15-16 Fraction pairs
    Egyptian fractions
L5 Fractions: Add/subtract with mixed numbers (slides 95-101)
    Booklet p17 Mixed number magic squares
L6 Fractions: Addition/subtraction problems (no lesson)
L7 FDP: Increase/decrease by a fraction or %age (slides 100-107)
    Booklet p18-19
L9 Negatives: Addition with negative numbers (slides 33-49)
    Booklet p7-12 NCETM Checkpoints 1-5
    Introducing adding and subtracting negatives
    Negative arithmagons and magic squares
L10 Negatives: Subtraction with negative numbers (slides 50-70)
    Booklet p13-19 NCETM Checkpoints 1-5
    More addition and subtraction with negatives
    CB: Addition and subtraction with Negatives
L11 Sequences: Term-to-term rule for linear sequences
    CB: Sequences - term-to-term rule
L12 Graphs: Lines y = x + a, x + y = b & y = b - x (no lesson)
    Graphs of addition and subtraction
    Shape problems involving add and subtract graphs
L13 Graphs: Inequalities using y = x + a etc. (no lesson)
    Shading regions of addition and subtraction graphs
L14 Transformations: Column vectors (no lesson)
L15 Transformations: Translations (no lesson)
Addition/subtraction of decimals
Addition/subtraction of fractions (same denominator)
Addition/subtraction of fractions (different denominator)
Increasing/decreasing by a fraction
Increasing/decreasing by a percentage
Adding and subtracting negative numbers
Term-to-term rule for sequences Column vectors Translations

Spring term (Jan-Apr)


Theme 3: Addition to Multiplication

L1 Order of operations: Four operations (slides 29-42)
    Booklet p5-7 NCETM Checkpoints 29-32
L2 Order of operations: Powers and brackets (slides 43-71)
    Booklet p7-11
L3 Algebra: Forming expressions (slide 7-23)
    Booklet p3-4 CB: Forming Expressions
    CB: Multiplying terms
L5 Algebra: Simplifying additions (slides 36-49)
    Booklet p5-7 Adding to and subtracting from expressions
    Algebraic order of operations Simplifying expressions
L6 Algebra: Collecting like terms (slides 50-56)
    Booklet p7-8
L7 Algebra: Substitution into expressions & formulae (slides 57-69)
    Booklet p8-9
L8 Algebra: Equations involving addition/subtraction (slides 74-79)
    Booklet p10-11 Solving equations involving add & subtract
    L9 Algebra: Equations of the form ax + b = c (no lesson)
    Booklet p11
Order of operations Forming expressions
Algebraic notation Collecting like terms
Substitution into expressions Solving linear equations

Theme 4: Multiplication

L1 Integers: Long multiplication - column method (slides 20-23)
    Booklet p6-7 CB: Long multiplication
L2 Integers: Long multiplication - grid method (slides 35-48)
    Booklet p8-12 NCETM Checkpoints Activity G (slide 104)
L3 Integers: Multiplication as repeated addition (slides 64-73)
    Booklet p15-16
L4 Decimals: Multiplying decimals (slides 24-34)
    Booklet p7-8 NCETM Checkpoints 21-23
    CB: Multiplying decimals
L5 Negatives: Multiplying (slide 71-82)
    Booklet p20-22
L6 Algebra: Expanding single brackets (slide 7-33)
    Booklet p3-7 Algebraic multiplications and factors grid
    Algebraic multiplications and additions
L7 Algebra: Expanding including CLT & fractions (slide 34-46)
    Booklet p7-9
L8 Algebra: Factorising expression into one bracket (slides 47-58)
    Booklet p9-10 Factorisation groups
L9 Algebra: Expanding double brackets (slides 59-74)
    Booklet p10-13 Playing with double brackets
L10 Fractions: Multiplying fractions (slides 131-151)
    Booklet p23-25 Multplying fractions using area models
    Multiplying unit fractions match
L11 Fractions: Multiplying mixed numbers (slides 152-155)
    Booklet p25
L12 Graphs: Lines of the form y = mx (no lesson)
L13 Graphs: Lines of the form y = mx + c (no lesson)
L14 Graphs: Inequalties involving y = mx + c (no lesson)
L15 Sequences: n-th term of a linear sequence (no lesson)
    Visual linear sequences
L16 Proportion: Double number lines & ratio tables (slides 81-88)
    Booklet p14-17
L17 Proportion: Linear proportion (slides 7-28, 51-67)
    Booklet p3-6 Proportions using 100
    NCETM Exploring multiplicative structure
L18 Proportion: Linear proportion & recipes (slides 68-73)
    Booklet p14-15
L19 Proportion: Exchange rates & conversion graphs (slides 51-67)
    Booklet p 12-14 CB: Conversion graphs
    Fractions to percentages conversion graph
    Proportion and currencies
Long multiplication Exploring multiplication
Multiplying and dividing decimals Arithmetic with negative numbers

Summer term (Apr-Jul)


Theme 5: Division

L1 Integers: Short division (slides 74-96)
    Booklet p17-18
L2 Integers: Decomposing (slides 113-120)
    Booklet p21-22 NCETM Checkpoints 19
L3 Integers: Distributivity (slides 126-132)
    Booklet p21
L4 Decimals: Division strategies with decimals (slide 130-135)
    Booklet p22 NCETM Checkpoints 25-28
    Division and cupcakes
L5 Negatives: Division (slide 83-88)
    Booklet p23-24
L6 Fractions: Divide a fraction by an integer & vice versa (slides 158-168)
    Booklet p26
L7 Fractions: Divide a fraction by a fraction (slides 169-176)
    Booklet p27-28
L8 Fractions: Division involving mixed numbers (slides 177-181)
    Booklet p28-29
L9 Integers: Multiples (slides 52-63)
    Booklet p12-15
L10 Integers: Factors (slides 136-145)
    Booklet p22-24 Factors & multiples (sometimes/always/never)
    How many factors?
L11 Integers: Product of prime factors (no lesson)
    Prime factor decomposition logic puzzle
L12 Integers: Uses of prime factorisation (no lesson)
    Factors from prime factorisation
L13 Integers: Divisibility rules (slides 176-183)
    Booklet p37-39 NCETM Checkpoints 17-18, 24,
    Divisibility problems (ppt) Divisibility_problems (pdf)

Theme 6: Mensuration

L1 2-D shapes: Perimeter of rectilinear shapes (slides 99-106)
    Booklet p17-19
L2 2-D shapes: Area of rectilinear shapes (slides 162-166)
    Booklet p30-32
L3 2-D shapes: Area of parallelograms
    Area of parallelogram (too much information)
L4 2-D shapes: Area of triangles (no lesson)
L5 2-D shapes: Area of trapezia (no lesson)
L7 3-D solids: Volume of cuboids (slides 167-175)
    Booklet p33-37
L8 3-D solids: Volume of prisms, incl. triangular prisms (no lesson)
L6 3-D solids: Nets of 3-D solids (no lesson)
L7 3-D solids: Surface area of cuboids (no lesson)
L8 3-D solids: Surface area of triangular prisms (no lesson)

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